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Behind the Build at HMP Five Wells


Behind the Build at HMP Five Wells

Offsite and Digital Construction

Tom Crossley, Senior BIM Manager, and Ollie Brooks, Senior Site Manager, focused on Offsite and Digital Construction looking at:

• Integrated and collaborative team, with early engagement of the supply chain.
• Sharing of information through common date environments and system integration.
• Innovative tools, methods and processes that capture, manipulate and exploit data across the entire project team and through the construction phase and into the in-use operational phase.
• Evidence of improved performance and better outcomes compared to traditional methods through submission of objective measurement data.
• Demonstrable benefits to stakeholders over the lifecycle of the asset.

The project requirements were:

• £253m Category C Resettlement Prison
• MOJ Partnering Contract
• Circa 1,700 residents
• 2.5 year programme

And the key objectives were:
• Deliver on time
• Design transformation
• Safe, secure, decent environment
• Value for money
• Smart construction

A video of Kier’s presentation is available to view here: Behind the Build - HMP Five Wells Wellingborough - YouTube or go to their website to find out more:

The HBCEC Club have no events over the Summer period but plan to be back on Thursday 22nd September when they will be visiting the new Collida Homes at BRE, Watford so please pencil this date in your diaries.

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