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Exciting New Announcement !


Exciting New Announcement !

🌟 A Salute to Excellence and New Beginnings at Boast Architects! 🌟

In the world of architecture, where innovation meets tradition, it’s always inspiring to witness the evolution of esteemed businesses. Today, we at RDT Architects extend our heartfelt congratulations to our colleagues at Boast Architects as they embark on a thrilling new chapter.

After 28 remarkable years at the helm, Richard Boast and Valerie Boast are entrusting the future of Boast Architects to new leadership as they step into a well-deserved retirement. Their legacy of leadership, innovation and dedication has profoundly impacted the realm of residential planning and design consultancy, setting a benchmark for excellence.

It’s with great excitement that we announce the acquisition of Boast Architects to supplement the organic growth at RDT Architects and provide a specialist consultancy in the residential sector. With Richard Tavener and Cheten Chauhan as the new torchbearers of Boast Architects, their passion, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence will no doubt propel Boast Architects to new heights.

We are also delighted to hear that Matt Moore, Chris Mitchell and James Gould will remain integral to the Boast Architects team. Their expertise and vision are crucial as they move forward, embodying the spirit of teamwork and excellence that Boast Architects are known for.

To our friends at Boast Architects, we look forward to witnessing your journey and celebrating your successes. Your focus on growth and commitment to the core values of residential planning and design consultancy heralds an exciting era of innovation and success.

Here’s to a future for Boast Architects filled with promise, innovation, and continued success. Together, as a unified and stronger team, the possibilities are limitless. 🥂

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