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RDT Care Home Designs In the News


RDT Care Home Designs In the News

The homes will be operated under a leaseback agreement for 353 beds out of the current Hamberley Care Homes group of 14 operational luxury care homes. The group will have a total of 28 homes by 2024, once the current pipeline of developments are complete.
@HamberleyDevelopment have a strong track record for developing and operating some of the UK’s leading luxury care homes. The sale will allow them to invest further in the elderly care market and ensure they deliver care environments that are truly luxurious, safe and homely.

Three of the existing homes in this deal are already much-loved services in each of their local communities and include @RDTArchitects designed Elstow Manor Care Home at Wixams with a further redevelopment of a 1920s police station in Eastleigh nearing completion.

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