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A Big Thank You for Suki!


A Big Thank You for Suki!

The email read:

'Hi Suki, I'd just like to send you a big kiss and a hug from Katie my cat who you gave blood to just over a month ago. She and me are so grateful and would like you to know that she is getting on very well since she was rushed into hospital. Many thanks'

It is so nice to know that by giving blood Suki has been able to help an animal that needed it.

@RoyalVetCollege pioneering blood donor programme helps keep hundreds of critically ill animals alive every year.

Over 200 heroic cats and dogs visit the RVC's Queen Mother Hospital for Animals in Potters Bar to donate their blood to help with hundreds of canine and feline transfusions.

The blood transfusion team is calling for more cats and dogs to donate, so for more information please contact and consider taking your own dog or cat along.

Suki is always happy to go along as she enjoys the fuss and gets a treat for being brave too. Well done Suki!

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