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A Team Focus on Chris Young


A Team Focus on Chris Young

"I have always liked and kept hold of nice looking or unusual bottles.

I upcycled my first few bottles about 6 years ago for myself to use as tumblers at home. Family and friends used to admire them so, during the lockdown period of April 2021, I started to create a few scented candles too.

Since then I have started an Instagram page and opened an Etsy shop where I have been selling the products for others to enjoy or give as gifts to family and friends which has been really popular.

Achievements since starting:
- Featured in both Harpenden and St Albans Life Magazines
- Products now stocked at West End Barns, Wheathampstead
- Sold 155 products on Etsy and 95 privately
- 5* rating on Etsy"

Link to Etsy Shop:
Link to Instagram:

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