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Gleneagle Manor Apartments


Gleneagle Manor Apartments

We have been looking back at the fantastic Gleneagle Manor apartments project completed in 2016 for Jarvis Homes. These luxury apartments stand as a symbol of tradition and elegance.

RDT provided a comprehensive architectural design services for the Gleneagle apartments on a locally listed former hotel site.

Gleneagle Manor comprises 26 luxury apartments over two new buildings built with a basement car park. Designed in a traditional Georgian style, it pays homage to the heritage of the area and creates a design that seamlessly merges the classical aesthetics with the grandeur of Georgian architecture.

This landmark development ensures that the apartments harmonise with the surrounding conservation area context. High ceilings and large windows were incorporated, defining the interior spaces with elegance and openness. The result is a perfect blend of the past and present.

The design of Gleneagle Manor has received accolades and awards and was recognised for its creative prowess whilst marking a milestone in the town’s architectural history upon this gateway site.

The apartments are testament to collaboration and innovation. This project forged a strong partnership between Jarvis Homes and RDT which has extended beyond Gleneagle Manor. Together we continue to embark on exciting local projects, shaping the future of Harpenden’s architectural landscape.

Gleneagle Manor is a reminder of how important it is to preserve heritage while embracing the future, reminding us of the boundless possibilities when creativity and tradition converge.

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