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Happy National Love Your Pets Day!


Happy National Love Your Pets Day!

At RDT we have 8 dogs 🐶 and 3 cats 🐱 between us and lots of honey bees! 🍯

We are always delighted when our wellness dogs Suke and Skye visit the office lifting our spirits and distracting us more than they probably should! ⚽

Even though dogs and cats are the most popular pets, this day is dedicated to celebrating all pets.

Fun Facts
· A dog’s nose pattern is similar to a human fingerprint
· Dalmatians are born without spots. They get their spots as they grow older.
· The word ferret comes from the Latin word “furittus” meaning “little thief”
· Hamsters can fit up to 20% of their bodyweight in their cheeks
· Cats sleep for roughly 70% of their life
. Adult cats sleep roughly 15 hours/day, kittens sleep about 20 hours/day
· Birds have hollow bones to take in oxygen and help them sustain flight
· Most lizards can detach their own tails to escape predators.
· It’s illegal to own a hamster in Hawaii in case they escape and destroy crops
· The oldest living tortoise is 190 years old and called Jonathan

Give you furry friend some love today! 💕

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