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Herts & Beds CE Club Award Winners


Herts & Beds CE Club Award Winners

We are pleased to announce that the new Seismic demonstration project at BRE Innovation Park, which HBCEC visited earlier this year, not only won the Herts & Beds Club awards for Innovation but also went on to win the East Region Award and is a finalist in the National Constructing Excellence Awards in two categories ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ and ‘Innovation’.

Based on a standardised steel frame and set of components, Seismic offers a flexible, highly configurable system suitable for a range of building types. With the UK government pushing for platform-based construction solutions, this new demonstrator building offers a glimpse of the future.

Designed in line with the government’s Construction 2025 targets, it exceeds them in every way, delivering a building that is 75% faster to complete, 70% lower in carbon impact and 47% better value than traditional construction.

One of the unique aspects of the project is the combination of three manufacturers working independently on the same building.

Seismic was developed to help drive a shift towards MMC in the industry. It is faster at every stage, from design through to manufacturing, assembly and fitout, and offers better quality and value, alongside a dramatically lower carbon impact.

We wish @Blacc and the rest of the consortium lots of luck.

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