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New Housing in Wheathampstead


New Housing in Wheathampstead

Our team had a productive and exciting visit to the newly completed Melbourne Mews development. The masterplan, consisting of 28 houses and apartments set in a riverside village location, is a fantastic addition to the area.

The collaboration between RDT, Jarvis Homes and the project team was essential in overcoming various site constraints, such as the proximity to the river, floodplain considerations, ecology, topography, and land contamination. Successfully addressing these challenges demonstrates the expertise and dedication of the team involved in the project.

RDT's involvement spanned from the initial feasibility stage, pre-planning, engagement with the local community and parish council and planning approval to the detailed design and construction phase. This level of engagement ensures a well-thought-out and integrated design, resulting in a development that harmonises with the local context.

Congratulations to the entire team and client on the successful completion of Melbourne Mews! It's projects like these that contribute to creating vibrant and sustainable communities. Well done!

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