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RDT at the Christmas Markets


RDT at the Christmas Markets

Richard is a keen beekeeper and collects his own honey from the hives in his woods in Redbourn. He is also keen at woodturning and has created some lovely pieces including pens, key rings and bowls. Michelle joined in the festive spirit by creating some festive wreaths which is also a hobby of hers. They attended Redbourn Village Market and had a great day joined by their daughter Alice and granddaughter Lillie, who ate most of the profits.

Chris has a successful candle making business/Etsy shop which he started during lockdown called Half-Cut Bottles. This year he decided to try out the Christmas Market at The White Hart Sherrington where he had a festive and fun day with lots of sales! His candles are handcrafted using empty bottles which he cuts, sands, and fills with scented wax. He does also take requests from local customers if they have a sentimental bottle form a special occasion they want as a candle. For more details give him a follow on Instagram @halfcutbottles where you will also find his Etsy Shop:

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