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Suki Sponsors a Hole at Golf Competition!


Suki Sponsors a Hole at Golf Competition!

Our lovely office wellbeing dog, Suki, had her picture sponsoring the 'nearest the pin' competition at the Junior Captain’s Day held last week.

RDT thought they would use the opportunity to raise awareness about the need for animals to give blood too and inspiring other dog owners to follow her lead.

Suki takes part in the Royal Veterinary College @RoyalVetCollege pioneering blood donor programme which helps keep hundreds of critically ill animals alive every year.

Over 200 heroic cats and dogs visit the RVC's Queen Mother Hospital for Animals to donate their blood and in the past year there have been almost 500 canine transfusions and 150 feline transfusions.

However, the blood transfusion team are asking for more cats and dogs to donate to the programme. For more information, contact the RVC Blood Donor team at

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