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There is always a buzz in the office...


There is always a buzz in the office...

Many of you may already know how passionate Richard is about beekeeping. He has kept his own bees for 4 years and currently has over 10 hives, providing his popular local honey, so if anyone would like to try some get in touch! 🍯

The British Beekeepers Association - BBKA was founded in 1874 with 75 associations and 170 branches encouraging more beekeepers to use locally raised queens. It gives grants for researching bee health and welfare, whilst educating the public in the importance of bees to the environment.

St. Albans Beekeepers Association is a charitable organisation with a mission to promote and further the craft of beekeeping and in and around #stalbans. They also aim to educate members of the public about the European honey bee (Apis Mellifera) and its importance to natural and agricultural processes.

#bees #honey #beekeeping #hives #environment #pollen #keepingitlocal

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