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Throwback Thursday - Waste Transfer Depot


Throwback Thursday - Waste Transfer Depot

Working with Morgan Sindall on behalf of Buckingham Council and PEP Structural Engineers, RDT Architects were involved through the planning stages, tender, construction and completion.

This redevelopment of the existing vacant commercial site includes the reprovision of vehicle repair/MOT workshop and recycling and food waste sorting building, with upgraded external areas and parking provision.

Following a £9.2m investment, the Aylesbury Waste Transfer Station has enhanced capacity enabling the site to cater for and accommodate future growth within Buckinghamshire and provide an upgraded, safer environment for frontline workers.

One of the main purposes of the Pembroke Road site is to provide the waste collection vehicles somewhere to transfer recyclable materials and items collected from over 88,000 households. These items are stored at the Waste Transfer Station before being transferred to a company in Leicester for sorting, separating and making into new products.

The development has also seen significant fire detection and suppression investment due to the risk of fire within the waste industry often caused by small electricals and batteries being put in waste recycling bins.

The site is also home to a new and improved vehicle workshop which allows the Council to service and repair its own recycling, waste and street scene vehicles, meaning work can be carried out on site in a timely manner with minimal disruption to the service. The workshop also carries out taxi MOTs and inspections making it an extremely valuable local facility.

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