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Tour of New Collida Homes


Tour of New Collida Homes

Collida is Willmott Dixon's turnkey offering that is committed to leading a technology-based revolution in how the construction industry designs, procures and delivers community buildings of superior quality, sustainability and liveability. Fit not only for today, but also addressing future climate challenges.

Meeting Passivhaus Plus standards and exceeding the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) benchmarks for carbon, their performance aims to be significantly in excess of the Future Homes Standard due to be introduced in 2025 – avoiding the need for costly future retrofit. All to be delivered in just 15 weeks through a fully non-combustible steel-framed form of construction, this approach saves time and labour on site with 40% less workforce demand compared to traditional construction projects.

The homes will now go through a phase of testing, monitoring and commissioning. We will then aim to arrange a return visit to learn more on their performance and share the opportunities for best practice.

Richard Tavener
Chair of Herts & Beds CE Club

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